More turnover with the right
professional parasols

15 essential insights for the catering professional

15 essential insights
for the catering

Make the right choices and
let your business flourish

Seeing a terrace with parasols gleaming in the sunshine, is a blessing for the catering

But often also a source of frustration.
Since choosing the wrong parasol leads to
irritations and loss of turnover.

That’s why this e-book offers you 15 concrete tips to transform issues into profit.

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This is what you will learn:


How you can transform the parasols on your terrace from a source of frustrations into a source of revenues.


The solution for more turnover in changeable weather.


How you can profit from a contribution for advertising without committing an offence.


That one golden tip that will ensure that the service on your terrace is more efficient.


Why passers-by choose your neighbour’s terrace instead of yours.


How you can avoid (expensive) damage to your terrace floor.


How to prevent accidents (with children).


What to do with your parasols in winter.


How to save costs when expanding.

“Keep going as you are. If I need anything at some point, I will in any case return to buy it
from SYMO.” René HEENE


“Everyone is very helpful, even for someone not at home in the jargon of the world of parasols. You’re treated as a human being here, not like an everyday customer! congratulations!” Andy De Bruyne

Strandcabines Anke

“Macsymo: A useful life of over 40 years and handcrafted in Belgium, glowing references!” Château de la Grenouille

Symo Parasols efficiently protect people against the weather so that they can enjoy outdoor
life without a care and in comfort.

In addition, we aim for extremely high satisfaction of both our customers and employees.

Our team takes each decision on the basis of 3 important core values. They are embodied in MOVERRR. A “mover” actively sets things in motion and does so on the basis of all of our 3
core values.

  • couRage
  • Responsability
  • Respect