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50 parasol tips for the catering world

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Pierre Christiaens

How can you get more out of your terrace? Why can the right parasol help to make your terrace more profitable? And how do you choose the right parasol?

In this book, ‘parasologist’ Pierre Christiaens offers insights based on his more than 25 years of experience and know-how in the world of parasols for catering businessess. With dozens of awards, his company Symo Parasols is most highly acclaimed parasol producer under the sun.

Pierre is most proud of his honorary title as ‘Maestro dell’ Atrigianato’ (Master Craftsman) of the City of Rome. 

Symo Parasols also created the famous Sywawa ‘Sunbelievable’ design parasols. In 2007, Unizo nominated Pierre Christiaens as the most creative entrepreneur of the year.

This book allows you to benefit from that creativity and entrepreneurial skill. Because with the right parasol you can get so much more out of your business.

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